Our tofu is made from filtered water, organic, non-GMO soybeans and nigari (a natural coagulant extracted from sea water). For the past 25 years our beans have been grown in upstate New York at Inverness Farm, owned and operated by Robert Crowe. We make our tofu rather firm but tender enough to have become a staple ingredient in everyday cooking for healthy vegetarians, vegans and gourmets.

There is much well-deserved attention paid to locally grown and locally produced food. It is somewhat reminiscent of the beginnings of the natural foods movement. We identify with both and welcome conversation and collaboration with food growers, chefs, food buyers and food lovers from all points along the dining spectrum.

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Slowly, mostly by hand, in a way that I used to think would have to change in order for us to grow. However, after some reflection and so many comments and compliments I realized that our process was responsible for the artisanal quality and full flavored taste. Although it’s a lot of work we never seem to tire of it.

The mechanics of making tofu are startlingly simple even if daunting when viewed up to our scale. And viewing is welcome, if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

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